Tyra Banks Sheds 30 Pounds In Five Months

Retired supermodel Tyra Banks has lost 30 pounds in five months after photographs of her beachwear left her in tears on her U.S. TV talk show.

Banks insisted the shots of her in a bikini during a winter break were just taken from a bad angle as she launched a 'So what' campaign on her TV show and urged the tabloids to stop poking fun at stars' weight loss and weight gain.

At one point she broke down on her show, stating, "With all the self-esteem my mom instilled in me, the criticism still hurts."

But the terrible photographs forced Banks to take action - and, after months spent eating right and exercising, she has dropped 30 pounds, according to Life & Style magazine.

An insider tells the publication, "She's eating healthy foods,but they're ones she likes, so she's more apt to maintain her diet."

And she's completely revamped the food that's available to her and guests backstage at her show.

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