Anna Nicole's Stepbrother: 'I Didn't Rape My Sister'

Anna Nicole Smith's step-brother, Larry Dale Hart, has lashed out at reports he's the man who sexually abused his sister - from inside prison.

Hart, who is serving time in a Texas prison for aggravated and sexual assault, insists he never even knew the tragic model had been raped in her youth.

The convict was tracked down to his Texas jail by U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight as part of a follow-up to an interview with Smith before she died in February (07), in which she angrily revealed, "You wanna hear my child life? The rape?"

But when TV correspondent Art Harris asked Hart if he was the man behind the rape claim, considering his own sexual assault rap, the jailed felon said, "I've never even heard that before. I don't think she's said that. I don't think so. That's a shock to me. I've never heard that before."

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