Cameron Diaz Doesn't Need A Man

Camern Diaz actress insists she is a strong independent woman and doesn't need a man to make her happy.

She said: "You have to charge of charge of your own life. You can't sit and wait for a knight in shining armoir to ride and take care of you. You have to create your own future and be proactive."

The actress - who split from long-term love Justin Timberlake last December - says women shouldn't be defined by the men they date.

She added: "I've been out in the world on my own for a long time as a working woman, and it's something I feel strongly about. You can't just let things happen to you - you've got to go out there and find your own experiences and I like that girls these days are feeling more empowered.

"I'm not saying that there's not a difference between men and women, because there absolutely is - thank God! But I am saying that we are all capable of doing what we believe we're capable of - and don't need a man in your life to tell you that."

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