Eva Longoria Talks About Her Relationship, Her Family and Plans To Adopt

On their(Tony Parker) seven year age difference:

“I don’t know if it’s because he’s French or what, but he’s actually far ahead of me in years with a lot of things – he’s so disciplined and way more intelligent about money and investments,” she says. “Then there’s things in which I’m ahead of him, but we balance each other out really nice, as it should be.”

On getting married in Paris:

“It will be a very traditional wedding…the Mexicans take over Paris!”

On how her family views interracial dating:

“I thought it would be an issue, because of our community, but not once has it ever come up with anyone in my family, even with my real traditional Mexican grandma…They love him for who he is.”

On adopting:

“We both have big hearts and the finances to do it, and we want to be able to provide an environment of love and stability to a child who otherwise wouldn’t have that,”

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