Lindsay Lohan Loads Up On The Freebies

The 4th Annual Lucky Club

Thieft Lindsay Lohan was loading up on the freebies at the Lucky Club’s Gifting and Hospitality suite at New York’s Ritz Carlton hotel — where celebs and other bold-face names can get “gifts” from high-profile retailers looking to have the A-list toting around their products.

Onlookers went a little slack-jawed as vendors from L.A.M.B., Milk and Lia Sophia “had to make many quick runs back to their stock room to make sure Lohan had enough of their (products)” according to a source, who says that the highly-paid actress stocked up on extra pairs of free sunglasses.

Lohan also picked up a gizmo called the Polaroid Media Back Up, which stores digital photos.

“Lindsay said she had too many priceless photos from traveling that she was afraid to lose,” says the source, who adds that the “Mean Girls” star “graciously thanked” the Polaroid folks.

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