Lindsay Lohan Is A Thief

Stories about Lindsay Lohan have been flooding the tabloids for months. One of the oddest appeared in Star magazine at the end of April. According to unnamed sources, Lindsay attended a party at the home of Los Angeles model Lauren Hastings while Lauren was out of town. When Lindsay left the party, she supposedly took $10 thousand of Miss Hastings's clothing with her.

Neither Lindsay Lohan nor her camp have given these claims any credence, and TMZ has reported that the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office has declined to pursue felony charges. None of this has dampened Lauren's desire to tell her story.

Hastings recently visited Buzznet's offices. If the resultant video makes nothing else clear, it shows that Lauren Hastings believes she has been deeply wronged by Lindsay Lohan.

Thanks Bree from Buzznet

To watch the video confession Lauren Hasting click the picture below:

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