Cameron Diaz Still Talking About Justin Timberlake

Cameron Diaz spoke about her very friendly looking moment with Justin Timberlake at the Shrek the 3rd premiere. Here's what Cameron had to say on The Today Show:

* On the kiss: “Look, we are friends, so it's OK.”

* On breaking up in the public eye: “It's not something that you really worry about. All you want is for the person you care about to be happy,” she said. “And I think we both are. So it's easy for us to see each other, and it is easy for us to greet each other ... It's no big deal.”

* On the public fascination with her and JT: “It's like high school, isn't it? We as celebrities are like the popular kids. People want to know our business. It's really no big deal at all.”

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