Angelina Jolie Bonded With Pearl Over Playdates

Angelina Jolie and the woman she plays in her hard-hitting new movie A Mighty Heart became fast friends after arranging a playdate with their kids.

The actress plays murdered journalist Daniel Pearl's wife Mariane in the film and only landed the deal after befriending the grieving widow.

Pearl admits she knew she and Jolie were kindred spirits and got in touch to arrange a mothers' meeting.

In a new Glamour magazine interview, conducted with the two friends, Jolie admits she was thrilled and a little intimidated about her first meeting with Pearl.

She says, "I remember being amazed by your courage and your grace - but I also sensed, she's an interesting woman, I wonder what she's really like."

"When I got the note, I was thrilled to hear that you wanted to have a playdate. Later I realized that Mariane and I are the two worst people to plan a playdate in the history of playdates... because she hates the phone as much as I do. So it almost didn't happen."

But Jolie admits she's glad the couple got the chance to meet; she found Pearl "an intelligent European woman."

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