The Horoscope of YouTube Wunderkind Justin Bieber
                   I visit the YouTube website at least once a week - usually to upload a video, of my weekly astrological forecast. While I'm on the site, I can't help noticing Justin Bieber. He's a sixteen year old singer, originally from Canada, who was discovered through his YouTube performances.
Justin Bieber has attracted massive attention, and he enjoys the adulation of an army of teenage girls. And while it's clear that he's very talented, one has to wonder what makes him so special. Is it anything to do with his horoscope?
He was born on March 14 1994, so his star sign is Pisces. I don't have a time of birth for him, so it's quite difficult to judge his chart. However the fact that he's so young suggests that one shouldn't focus too much on his star sign. This is because in the male horoscope, the star sign often remains in the background until the early twenties, and the Moon sign can be more significant.
In Justin Bieber's case, his Moon is in Aries. Teenage males with the Moon in Aries tend to be extroverted, and they're not too afraid of performing in public. They can also give the impression of being both exciting and dynamic.
Yet the real astrological cause of Justin Bieber's attractiveness to adolescent females must surely be a mutual reception by exaltation between his Sun and Venus. His Sun, being in Pisces, is in the sign of Venus' exaltation, while his Venus is in Aries, which is the sign of the Sun's exaltation. Furthermore, the Sun-Venus midpoint is close to zero degrees Aries, a point in the sky which relates to the world in general.
So Justin Bieber's Sun and Venus have a wonderful connection with each other, and through his music he can express himself in a harmonious and attractive way.
However there's something else going on in his horoscope, which isn't necessarily so easy. He has an exactly conjunction between Mars and Saturn. In my experience this can be a tough aspect, that needs to be handled very carefully. Although Mars-Saturn people can work very hard, there's a danger of blocked energy, and a feeling of being trapped. I would therefore suggest that Justin Bieber finds a way to constructively channel the Mars-Saturn energy, if he hasn't already. For example, doing activities that are very physical, that might involve controlled violence, such as wrestling or karate. Though of course before doing this, he should get a thorough medical check up.
As far as Justin Bieber's future is concerned, it's worth noting that his Mars-Saturn conjunction is in Pisces, and at midday on March 14 1994 Mars was at 5 degrees 42 of this sign, while Saturn was at 5 degrees 22. The Sun was at 23 degrees 53 Pisces, which means that the Sun was approximately eighteen degrees from the conjunction. I therefore think that his nineteenth year, which starts in March 2012, could potentially be very difficult. There could be a lot of pressure, and he might get himself into a dangerous situation.
Under these circumstances, I would advice him to slow down during his nineteenth year, and maybe take a break from his career. Perhaps he could spend twelve months in a monastery, away from his fans, and perhaps even away from the internet?

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